John has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  The #1 driving force behind Iron-Will is for everything we do to be filled with meaning and purpose.  Group training is one of our highlights and along with our CF L-1 and L-2 Certificates, our background in Exercise Science, and Strength & Conditioning, and over 20 years around the best in the business we are able to make safety our #1 priority, have a strong emphasis on correctives, and bring you all the best fitness has to offer. Personal training is another highlight for our clients with very specified goals or those who want a better baseline or with very specific goals. Finally, we do sport specific training for those who specialize and want to take their game and performance to the next level. 


Everything should have purpose and if not why do it.  Our belief is that our minds, body’s, and spirit are us and are all intertwined and all affect each component of our life.  If then our emotions, mental health, and spirituality can affect our actions and the quality of those actions, why then would we not do our part as coaches and teach all-encompassing fitness rather than physical fitness alone? That would be missing the mark.  We believe in being fit and to get there we seek increase you work capacity across broad time and modal domains and physically being (GPP) generally physically prepared for anything “Courtesy of CrossFit Inc”.  We believe in strengthening our minds by driving the purpose by which we do work and believe if those actions have more meaning they will allow us to do better more efficient work.  This all begins with our intentions.  These intentions can be anything personal or familial, work related, for those of team members, or the people you serve, to anything much broader. The exercise is our Active Prayer where the intentions that are being lifted up are the focus and drive for the work that we do.  Inspired actions, dedicated to intentions, greater than self.  Not, only do these intentions drive our work and give them purpose, they give us a greater capacity for work and we know that when we do actions that have meaning they give us more joy and fulfillment.  Finally, for the strengthening of our spirits including the already mentioned intentions and active prayer is the virtue we seek.  Virtue is a big word in fitness because no matter how good we get at a particular movement we can always improve in some aspect of it.  This is no truer than the spiritual virtues.  Virtue is the opposite of vise and so each week we also strive for a particular virtue of the week to live or improve upon.



-Owner of Iron Will Fitness LLC

-12 Years Pro Football (2 x Grey Cup Champion, Most Outstanding Defensive Player, 3 X All-Star, Ed Block Courage Award Recipient

-CF L-1 & L-2 Certificates

-B.A. Science in Exercise Science Utah State University

-17 years of mentor-ship under the best Strength & Conditioning Specialists in the business

-Man of Faith, Husband to a saintly wife, Father of 9

-Overcome Type 1 Diabetes every day since the age of 14

A proud Catholic and blessed by my faith in Jesus Christ.  I am husband to a saintly wife and Father to 9 amazing children.  My family has been my greatest blessing and without God, my parents, family, and the village who helped raise me, plus the support of my wife and children I would not have had a sliver of the success and blessings I have.  I am a retired football player who had the fortune to play 12 great seasons of professional football in both the NFL (Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars) and CFL (Saskatchewan Roughriders, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Edmonton Eskimos).  In that time I was able to win 2 Grey Cup Championships, was the 2009 most outstanding defensive player of the CFL, nominated 3 times.  I was also a 3 time all-star in the CFL and a team captain for most of my CFL career.  After a near career ending injury on a Monday Night game with the Jacksonville Jaguars completely rupturing my patella tendon, I ended up returning to the field 1 year later and earning the Ed Block Courage Award with the Jaguars.  I was able to achieve these thing while living with type 1 diabetes and have been an advocate for people living with diabetes throughout my collegiate and professional career.  Though, getting to play football for a living has been an absolute privilege the perks of getting to meet and work with so many great people on and off the field has had equal merit.  I have been professionally speaking since 2007 and as much as I have been able to share, inspire, and help motivate those opportunities have brought me tremendous blessings and much more gained.

     My favorite thing about fitness and athletics is the pursuit of excellence (Virtue).  From a young age I discovered the road to success was not about who you were, where you were from, and who you were from, but was about the work you put in.  Not always just working hard but working smart too.  No matter your skill level there is always room for improvement and I learned young that if I were going to attain the goals I had set out for that it was an all encompassing pursuit.  I had to get bigger, faster, stronger.  I had to improve my health and fitness level, and I had to improve my skill level.  As closely related as those all are they are different and each attained through different modalities and forms of training and practices.  After a 12 year professional football career I am still on that pursuit.  In all of that time my favorite thing hands down is training and improving on the things I already do well and finding new things to introduce into my regiment to get to that next level and find that edge.  It is my belief that through my education, all of my life and professional experiences, overcoming obstacles - such as diabetes or a ruptured patella tendon, raising my 9 children, my ability to work with people of all backgrounds, and my faith in Jesus Christ, that as your coach, motivator, and brother that I will be the best equipped to help you or a loved one reach the goals you are seeking in your fitness, athletic, and spiritual journey.




  • Dumbbells

  • Climbing Rope 

  • Wall Balls

  • Wall Ball Targets

  • Barbells, Hex Bar, EZ Curl Bar & Bumper Plates

  • Free Weights

  • Sleds

  • Exercise Bands

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Stability Balls

  • Rope

  • Bosu Ball

  • Basketball Courts

  • Balls

  • Volleyball Net 

  • Boxes

  • Wide Open Space

  • Dip Bars

  • Jump Rope

  • Kettle Bells

  • Rings

  • Squat Rack

  • Bench

  • Rowers

  • Pull Up Bar

  • Ab Mats

  • Tires

  • Foam Rollers

  • Pop Up Bags

  • Hurdles

  • Cones

  • Weighted Bag

  • Arm Pads

  • Agility Ladder

  • Slam Balls

  • Battle Ropes