Performance/Sport Specific Training

This program is for specialized athletes who want to take their performance to the next level. This is for athletes who want to perfect the skills of their specialty and to improve their bench marks, personal records, and in all performance areas ie. speed, strength, power, agility, coordination, accuracy, balance, flexibility, endurance, stamina, body composition, etc.

* Costs

90 min session $60

60 min session $40

Monthly Rates Start at a 10% discount

12*90 min sessions $645     8*90 min sessions $430

12*60 min sessions $430     8*60 min sessions $285

Monthly Rates for 2 or more

25% Discount for each additional person



Sports training sessions include functional training, strength, and conditioning.


For other private training options to meet your specific needs please contact me at

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I grew up in the desolate state of Wyoming and went to a relatively small and struggling Division-1 program.  I was a  4 year starter at Utah State University and after my senior season was 5th in the nation in quarterback sacks and top 20 in tackles for loss.  Despite my senior season success and Pro-Day numbers, weighing in at 268 lbs, running a 4.59 40, bench pressing 225 lbs 30 times, and 10'1" broad jump to name a few, I would go undrafted and sign my first NFL contract as a free agent with the Houston Texans in 2006.  Though I was cut after my rookie camp I was one of a few of players from my class still playing professional football 12 years later.  I was blessed because that journey brought me to the Jacksonville Jaguars where I would end up winning the Ed Block Courage Award.  I say none of this to boast but to state the fact that no matter where you're from, who you're from, or what you have to overcome, if you work hard, work smart, never stop believing, and never stop learning the sky is the limit.  From Pee-Wee, through High-School, college, and pro I have been in football for over 26 years where I not only had to be the best, but was around the best and learned from the best not to mention playing basketball, baseball, and track & field through my senior year.  Late in my career I was known as a pass rush specialist. I have played every position throughout my football years and have trained with some of the greatest professionals at all positions.

Whatever your sport specific goals I believe I have the tools to not only get you to work hard and learn to work harder than your opponent or the person fighting to win your position but to help teach you all of the tricks of the trades.  I can teach you how to work smart and develop the skills that will help set you apart from all the rest.  Effort is #1 and is always what coaches see 1st and shows up on film, but the skills you develop are what makes the game easier and combined with effort becomes head turning to coaches and fans alike.  I love to train 1-on-1 to help you get the most out of you but it's also great to train with teammates or people of similar position to bring out the best in the others and drive a bit of competition.  If you're looking to improve your skill set and take your skills and athletic passions to the next level please contact me to learn more and book a time.